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MFW IN|TIME SS24 Beatrice .b
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Milan Fashion Week, September 2023, Beatrice .b presents the new collection IN|TIME Spring Summer 2024.

Intimō, Intime, from Latin ‘to immerse’, ‘to dive into’: the presentation will be an act of immersion inside Beatrice .b’ s dualistic world. On one side, the unknown deriving from the dive, on the other side, the warming embrace of an unfamiliar and primordial element, the water.
The imaginary of Beatrice .b’s SS24 presentation embodies this dualism and it is here that the collection’s first note is born, which expresses the strong relationship between an inner vision and the concept
of time.

During the presentation, which is set in the intimate, historical context of the Circolo Filologico Milanese - located in Via Clerici 10 - the audience is guided inside an immersive experience, where several senses are activated and where the point of view allows spotting different scenarios that are created simultaneously. The repetitiveness of movements, the authentic gestuality and the performances - both individual and choral-, put the attention not only on the garments’ details, but also on the imaginary of the entire collection.

The collection, which is studied by Morena Bragagnolo and Beatrice Mason, Art director and designer of the brand, is presented with the styling of Flavia Galantini, who has been collaborating with the brand for years with her experience gained in Io Donna. The collection is expressed in this event under the artistic direction of Gabriele Rosati and Luca Notarfrancesco, two young talents who are able to combine different artistic spheres with their sensitivity and synergy, succeeding in telling a story, which travels beyond the idea of temporal space, demonstrating the permanent quality that lasts.

From here, the collaboration with Schwarzkopf and Douglas, supported by Beautick Team hair and make-up, results in the beauty looks of the models, who will wear the collection in this performance, aiming at sealing the quality as a common value combined with the experience in the field. In its lightness and delicacy, also the collaboration with Bellini Canella - which represents the iconic Italian aperitif par excellence - becomes a moment of light-heartedness, a perfect synchrony between Italian and Venetian history, fusion and vitality.

On one side, the act of undressing and revealing oneself in the air, on the other side, the following hiding, disappearing in the water. The antithesis is also expressed in the meaning of garments’ formality and informality: the simplification, instead of adding, becomes a new possibility of interpretation of shapes and fabrics. A research that flows into the study of Italian design, which rediscovers its own strength in itself.

Garments made of materials and matters are enclosed in a measured and conceptual design, with attention to the constructive technical rigidity to enhance the daily wear: a hymn to the exaltation of whispered beauty, to things made with care. The aim of this audio-visual performance and installation is to create a 360-degree narrative that can completely immerse the viewer within the world of Beatrice .b.

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