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MFW SS2022 | Beatrice .b
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Milan, 24th September 2021 – on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Beatrice .b presents SI ALZA IL VENTO, the new SS22 collection.

Beatrice .b explores visual impulses of American pop art, crossing its exuberant shades and its strong ironic mood with suburban, natural and relaxed elements. In this way, the SS22 collection becomes an hymn to visual euphoria and need of relief, to healthy irriverence and joy of living. In this new perspective, made of contaminations, research and lightness, everybody can find a part of himself and, at the same time, embrace totally new sensations and points of views.

The collection is articulated through heterogeneous palettes, leaving full freedom to a mix of colours and textures. Mango, bubble pink, matcha green and Antille light blue are the four accents which outline the determined soul of the collection. To these, white, neutral and black colours are added: three timeless shades. Colour is conceived to energise the most classic shades or to create irriverent mixes.

The collection is built on very precise silhouttes: destructured, wide and light volumes leave the body free to move without any obligation. The selcted fabrics are the result of a research, based on sustainability and quality: recicled cotton and linen, organic biodegradable hemp and bamboo fibre are just some of the original fibres that compose the collection. The manufacturing is tied to craftsmanship by modernising the technique of crochet and of the handmade embroidery and keeping always alive the attention on pleats, the manual technique that has always enriched the dresses of Beatrice .b. This sensibility connected to nature and to aesthetic based on the beauty of unique elements because of their craftsmanship is combined to chromatic euphoria, becoming an actual cure, an invitation to optimism and lightness.

Graphics follow this approach too, celebrating creativity and pushing to experimentation. Monochromatic prints take inspiration from the style of illustrations of Andy Warhol, while the ones with macro and super colourful subjects come from the idea of silk-screen and repeating layers. There is no shortage of archive prints, chosen for their timeless allure and their blended and gentle tints.

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