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MFW SS2021 | Beatrice .b

SS20 Fashion Show

Always try to keep a strip of sky above your life. [Marcel Proust]

The sky: a symbol of something that remains and resists, while always evolving.

This is the basic concept behind Beatrice b's SS21 collection; through the image of the sky, it reflects on the connection between past, present and future, revealing that any aesthetic form is the cause or effect of another.

In this scenario, which gives off a sense of freedom and endlessness, the collection bursts into an ode to the fusion of timeless concepts and near-futuristic elements.

Essential, monochromatic and elegant, heritage joins the future - noisy, virtual and full of possibilities.

Natural, sculptural and elegant colours are mixed with vibrant, almost virtual colours, creating a tension that reflects Beatrice's personality.

Cyber lemon, pink and silver are combined with timeless blue and parchment on three-dimensional, textural fabrics such as fil coupé, sequins and bull denim. Timeless pieces such as faux leather folk trench coats and white shirts with cufflinks are paired with bright mini dresses and dynamic, abstract prints.

White is the ultimate timeless colour. Used in its subtlest shades, it creates new and sophisticated combinations, emphasised by strong materials. They blend into pieces such as knit dresses, oversized printed seersucker cotton suits and a fringed linen blend tunic. The looks are completed by large, woven raffia accessories: essential, oversized black clutch bags find their connection to folk elements through their fine workmanship.

Blue, the colour of the sky often associated with the otherworldly, is immersed in the collection of colours such as cinnamon and goose beak to create brushstrokes and stripes on yarn-dyed linen canvases. Elegant paisley patterns with a vintage feel are paired with lamé cotton: the elegance of the past meets futuristic irony to create a new balance.

Loud, colourful and lightweight. These are the visual sensations evoked by the last theme, which features a palette of warm colours to create a mood filled with textural and sensory variations. A multicoloured fitted knit skirt and sequin top, a pleated formal dress, red trousers with beaded trimming; everything in this theme brings to mind the energy of the sun and the optimism created by bold palettes enhanced by materials and details such as silk, sustainable cotton and brightly-coloured feathers.