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Milan, 24th February 2023 – on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Beatrice .b presents DE-POSH, the new FW23-24 collection.

The canonical traits of posh style, which summarises the idea of privilege and elite coming from the English bourgeoisie, are uprooted from their role of positioning statement, becoming the centre of expression of a free and inclusive aesthetic. This is the emblem of contemporary luxury for Beatrice .b, which is enclosed in a measured and conceptual design that is not afraid of being contaminated by antithetical systems. This narrative leads to the study of significance rather than appearance, whispering that quality, time, simplification and care are not details, but regenerative contents.

Logomania, gold and sparkles, symbols par excellence of the exaggerated need to display luxury, are re-elaborated and included with sophisticated measure within the collection, creating mixes that show a whispered luxury.

Pomp and excess give way to a deluxe design, made of relaxed shapes with all the charm of informality, where the basic is re-imagined and elevated. Each palette is a combination of heritage tones mixed with intentionally breaking colours: dark brown and lime, taupe and orange, grey and kiwi and blue and optical white show the chromatic essence of Beatrice .b, always focused on refined colours and strong contrasts. The monogram becomes a fil rouge within the collection, included in the quilting of the locally-made down jackets, in the inlays of the pure-wool sweaters and in the pajamas with solid-colour print. From leather accessories to laminations on denim and knitwear, gold is linked to relaxed and urban garments. Japonism is the inspiration for conceptual and precise prints that, again, communicates the desire for cleanliness and simplification. Silk shapes clothes where floral prints are blurred, in a sense of fusion that almost marks a reference to abstractionism. Details and materials from the active-wear world are some of the many concepts opposed to posh: leggings with maxi gaiters, tight dresses and tops celebrate the conjunction between feminine and functional. The silhouettes are outlined by contrasts between maxi and hyper-fitted shapes, creating a new balance that makes every look harmonious and contemporary at the same time.

Attention to sustainability fully becomes a subject of the collection this year: leather, fur and sheepskin -other concepts closely associated with posh aesthetics-, are re-elaborated in an animal-friendly key. Cupro – also known as “vegan silk” – is included as recycled fibre in dresses, shirts and trousers, while prints remain sustainable with certified fabrics and dyeing processes and recycled and regenerated fibres shape outerwear and soft sweaters.

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