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MFW FW2022 | Beatrice .b


Milan, 25th February 2022 – on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Beatrice .b presents MEMORABILIA, the new FW22 collection.

The antithetical approach of Beatrice .b finds a new profound challenge, where traditional hugs original, creating a new “energy of sense”, which gives birth to a collection that strives for being over the limits of time.

Preloved garments, which tell stories of uniqueness and lived moments, are studied and revisited with contemporary and bold concepts. Therefore, the past is renewed and this new dichotomy becomes almost like a collection of memorabilia.

The aesthetic united with ethic chases the slow fashion ideal, giving space to a new relationship with objects, which become a way to keep one’s roots alive and, at the same time, to express oneself.

The Autumn Winter collection 2022-23 defines colour palettes that are based on the combination between classic shades and others intentionally contrasting. Peppermint and red, banana and vitamin orange, dark brown and magenta, amber and blue, all these colours create chromatic and strong mixtures, where the perfect balance between past and present generates innovation. The formal fuses with active and fabrics with an elegant attitude blend with relaxed textures, creating a new way of conceiving the wardrobe, no longer divided between special occasion and everyday wear, but based on the concept of fluidity. The study of tailored male suits inspires the rebirth of tailleur, where super feminine silhouettes are inserted on androgynous fabrics, as the locally-made knop yarned wool flannel. A strong attention is put on outerwear, transposing the prints also on them: double lozenge wool mixes with oversized jackets, floral graphics and ironical bomber jackets and macro multicolour stripes dye recycled wools. Fabrics too tell a sort of contrast, adopting an independent tale, which goes from super fluid and weightless textures to structured and wintry wefts. This gives birth to “wrong” combinations, where flowing garments like satin slip dresses are enveloped by oversized eco-furs and super skinny stretch leggings are matched with maxi sweaters decorated with vintage embroideries. Manufacturing techniques keep on being a distinctive characteristic of the brand. The embroidered macro flower with handmade carving is proposed again in a winter-like key in down jackets and in wool cloth. Knitwear too becomes expression of the paradoxical tale of Beatrice .b, dividing itself between essential sweaters, characterised by a deep study of silhouettes and details, and others defined by impactful colours and manufacturing techniques. From blended cashmere fabrics with timeless colours to pullovers with inlays of sleepy elephants inside a jelly, everything in this collection expresses the will of going beyond the ideal of “trending”, showing the strength of super classic and absurd garments.

The sustainability continues to be a prerogative for the brand, which increases the number of ethical garments up to 18% this season. Beatrice .b, always extremely sensitive to the Venetian supply chain and to the sustenance of Venetian artisans, has converted almost all its basic fabrics restudying them together with local companies. In this way, canvas of fringed wool, flannels of wool and twill are born, that, from the fibre to the finished garment, they give strength to satellite productive activities almost at km 0. Recycled fibres in the collection represent +26% compared to the counter-season: the outerwear is made of recycled wool, the down jackets stand out for the recycled interiors and for their nylon fibre mixed with “Sorona”, an innovative vegetable fibre with extremely high technical performances, and the knitwear expresses all the potentiality of regenerated fibres. The iconic pleated skirt is presented again both in solid colour and with prints, but with 100% recycled bases this time. Also all the prints reconfirm themselves with ZDHC certificate, bringing a plus to the viscose bases, now FSC certified.