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MFW FW2021 | Beatrice .b


Milan, 26th February 2021 – on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Beatrice .b presents COESISTERE, the new Fall Winter 2021-2022 Collection.

Close to her roots in natural landscapes, but also reaching out for contemporary, transparent, fun and almost playful contrasts. This is the atmosphere surrounding Beatrice, a woman constantly searching for meanings within contrasts, a symbol of a subversive, ironie and light-hearted kind of elegance that blends different periods and places, combining the new with the timeless.

Continuing the narrative behind Beatrice .b, the FW 21-22 collection speaks of ltalian sensitivity and beauty, combining traditional fabrics and processes with contemporary lines and designs. Beatrice .b embodies the care and passi on of a supply chain that respects people and that draws its greatest strength from the people themselves, most of them women.


A combination of seemingly divergent feelings creates a new ba lance that sets the brand's aesthetic. The classi e brushed mohair coat is grafted into a technical downjacket, leading to a new concept of outerwear; grunge-style prints renew traditional processes, turning timeless pleats into bold dresses. The simplicity of shapes and volumes leaves room for woven fabrics, creating essenti al pieces with elegant materials wide quilted trousers, a long purple dress in laminatedjacquard and a sweater with chest pocket and bow in moiré taffeta bring their comfortable shapes closer to hyper-elegant concepts.


A palette that leaves all excess behind and rethinks the cornerstones of a youthful feminine wardrobe, adding refined, innovative pieces. This season the brand's signature handmade pleats have been redesigned by launching a new type of pleat, much smaller and finer. From romantic taffeta dresses to a faux-leather chemisier, this technique runs through the season's most iconic pieces while oozing innovati on and research. Thanks to this new process, the soft pleated faux-leather bag returns with a brand-new twist with its hand-woven natural rope handle and three­dimensional micro-pleats, this accessory continues to epitomise the values of Beatrice .b.


Unprecedented combinations and new colours are all over the place citrine green, lilac and chili red are seen on precious fabrics such as iridescent velvet, used for a slip dress, which is perfectly paired with a lilac brushed mohair sweater, and a red perforateci cardigan. Damask velvet brings in a feel of the East, alternating with refined checks and bold pieces like five-pocket red python trousers.


The colours of the earth create a universe that connects playfulness and heritage. From fil-coupé to printed silk, coated fabrics and colourful wool, the quality of fine fabrics meets raw sensations and colours that add a relaxed allure to every outfit. Patchwork garments lead to original activewear jersey, cool wool and faux-leather come together to create a comfortable and fun sweatshirt G jogger set But there is also plenty of shine and glamorous dresses, paired with casual pieces for a unique twist a multicolour sequin slip dress is played down by orange wool sweaters, while a mini skirt in laminateci printed silk is worn with granny-inspired oversized cardigans. This is where Beatrice .b's revolutionary spirit comes in, subverting even the most elegant and timeless looks.