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MFW FW20 | Beatrice .b

H.O.M.E. Habits and Ordinary: My Extraordinary
FW 2020/2021 Fashion Show

A fil rouge, a path, a long carpet roll that welcomes you to Beatrice home, where elegance is mixed with day-to-day life and ordinary is mixed with extraordinary.

Beatrice .b presents the new FW20-21 collection during Milan Fashion Week with a journey that expresses the meeting between a woman and her home as expression of belonging and self-care. It is represented by an imaginary and extremely abstract home composed of five areas, each dedicated to a different collection corner. Thanks to the collaboration with artist Pietro Spoto, who has impressed his emotions on the carpet, the atmosphere is suspended, metaphysical, with few selected elements that are almost evanescent but deeply significant.

In an era of frenetic globalisation and increased digital nomadism, Beatrice .b offers a return to the concept of "home", using clothing as an object that brings comfort and elegance together. Through the use of materials and graphics from interior design, the FW 20-21 collection establishes a new concept of contemporary elegance that features sleek, effortless pieces that fit into everyday life.

Contemporary elegance is an expression that makes the ordinary, extraordinary.