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The "Heritage .b" capsule collection is the essence of the aesthetic path and journey of growth of Beatrice. This project brings the most important moments in the history of the brand together with its current vision, creating pieces with contemporary silhouettes paired with archival treasures that marked the journey of Beatrice .b. The collection will be created by two iconic dresses that will feature two types of different pleats - which have always been characteristic of the brand - a trench and a top. Taken from models that led the brand to gain recognition, all of these garments will be deconstructed in their different parts and mixed with three archive prints.

The dresses seek to communicate the importance of maintaining a stylistic code that creates recognition while simultaneously evolving with the brand. The pleat has always been present in Beatrice .b collections, and embodies the heritage of artisan know-how as well as innovation and research. Beatrice .b is one of the few brands that is made entirely in Italy, and creates pleats with a fully manual process. The fabric to be pleated is spread in the middle of the preformed sheets and pleated manually, fold after fold, by sectoral artisans that will then insert it into machines that will make the crease permanent with heat. With the use of archival prints, Beatrice .b seeks to announce the beginning of an increasingly "green" and environmentally-friendly route, which will be integrated step by step in future collections starting with the iconic pleated pieces created from fabrics with 100% recycled raw materials. The capsule collection will also include a bag that conveys the objective of the brand to increase its business into the world of accessories. The bag will be entirely eco-friendly and made with hand-pleated eco leather.

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