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Edit 01 | Beatrice .b


Beatrice .b woman turns into a pure, vibrating and contemporary fragrance thanks to the collaboration of the Maison of Parfum Tonatto.

The sharing of two similar visions generates the meeting between two creative spheres that are different yet complementary, in which two “Excellences” of the Made-in-Italy meet each other.

“01 is the story of the people who love timeless things, experiences that last and resilient memories, bringing together their own Heritage and contemporaneity, creating something that smells of a woman strong as her past and light as her future”.
This is the concept of the first Beatrice .b fragrance, a perfume that brings together essences coming from the past and others that are light and indefinite, creating a balance between scents that define the soul of the Beatrice .b woman.

Conceived in two formulations, 01 offers the classic body fragrance and a new and special fragrance for clothes, opening the road to a new fragrance concept linked to women’s closet that turns into an extension of the feminine identity. This mix that dances between past and future is characterized by 5 essences: oud wood, patchouli, liquorice, carnation and grey amber.

Among the most precious ingredients of the artisanal perfumery, oud wood is an oriental essence produced from specific Indian woods and that was adopted for its dark and intense scent since the ancient times. This is the strong and bold scent that is found in this perfume – a scent that expresses the resilience of women together with the care and love for timeless things. This strong scent fades into the flowery scent of Patchouli that contrasts yet balances the perfume, expressing the true soul of Beatrice .b woman: resilient and strong as her past and indefinite and light as her future.