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tahiti print trousers in jersey

A 1920s floral print from Tahiti gives life to these jersey trousers in warm, summery tones. They feature a regular waist with internal elastic and details of bezels with rings and lace. The silhouette is soft and flared at the bottom. Made in Italy.
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Beatrice .b Sustainability


This print has been made through a ZDHC certified process which is characterized by a substantial reduction of chemicals and water use.

We are making steady progress season after season in our mission to make our own company and our products more sustainable and we think it is right to share with you our commitment, to say out loud how much we care about the planet as well as our employees and our industry. Nature has the capacity to give us so much and it is our moral duty to feed it, trying to protect its gifts. We work hard to constantly improve ourselves because each of us can make a difference. B


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