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Morena Bragagnolo and Beatrice Mason | Beatrice .b | Made in Italy Fashion Brand

.About Us

Beatrice.b is a prêt-à-porter brand owned by Plissé Group, a fashion house that for more than thirty years has pursued beauty through an excellent Made in Italy supply chain, attention to details and the study of new artisanal manufacturing processes.

Morena Bragagnolo, Entrepreneur and Art Director, and Beatrice Mason, Fashion Designer, mother and daughter, work and guide the creation of the collections together, combining two key values of the brand: the excellent quality of the Italian know-how and the strong visual impact.

Morena was born in a family in which the fabric knowledge and know-how of the artisanal manufacturing was in the air, and it is the same also for Beatrice, who grew up in this world and has now become a protagonist. Together, they take care of the collections 360°, from planning to production, and you can find their big passion for design contents, for innovation, for aesthetic taste and for the Italian culture in the collections. The art of Made in Italy is translated in sophisticated and timeless collections, with refined volumes and strong and unique colors.

Since its foundation in 2002, the soul of Beatrice.b has been constantly nourished by an antithetical approach that characterizes each collection. This is how aesthetics blends with ethics, the classic hugs innovation, elegance becomes relaxed and heritage is contaminated by futurism, with the aim of creating a product that goes beyond trends, above the passing of time.