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MFW SS19 | Beatrice .b

Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

In the new SS19 season, Beatrice offers an eclectic way to break the system. New haute-tech research, new colour combinations and visual impacts create different worlds that are all part of the same universe: Beatrice. While rooted in the present, it pushes its stylistic language towards the future.

Basic and sophisticated geometric marks enliven natural fabrics combined with new, haute-tech fabrics, which draw attention to brand new pairings. Timeless black and white are revised with lilac and citrus accents, notes of colour that offer refinement within a strong geometric touch. Black and white fringe in flowing dresses and silk shirts create the perfect balance between elegance and glamour.

Vintage scarf prints are reinterpreted to create dynamic dresses in which patchwork creates different sections of colour and hints that reshape the fluid and sweet lines of viscose. Natural colours paired with electric blue and crimson create new developments in a world with a classic allure. Primitive ideograms such as the spots and stripes become involved by the modern strength of cobalt dresses in which tone-on-tone feathers and contrasting piping create subtle movements that give life to the perfect blend with the drawings printed on viscose jacquard bases.

Flowing lines envelop suspended volumes of silk suits, in which the linearity of garments is contrasted by prints in which tropical flowers on an Amazonian background are interrupted by black and white Greek frets. Three-dimensional textures and backgrounds imbued with yellow and orange create elegant jumpsuits and dresses in which asymmetry adds a novel accent to timeless garments. Haute-tech compact jersey, embroidered denim and mixed stripe cottons are the daily elements that are lend to the Beatrice style, which transforms routine into an opportunity to play with young and feminine garments. Fierce magenta is the heart from which this explosive corner expands. Hyper-glamorous sequins, abstract striped dresses and micro-spotted fabrics dominate a hyper-iconic look in which elegance meets a new-tribal style.