Milan, Wednesday 16th October 2019 – BEATRICE .b opens a new boutique in the heart of Milan on 6, Corso Venezia, one of Milan’s most elegant avenues as well as one of the four streets of the city’s fashion district.

Covering 200 square metres spanning two floors, the boutique was designed with the purpose to create a space where products, design, lifestyle and service come together to offer a complete costumer experience. This essential concept has been developed to bring out BEATRICE .b products, known for their vibrant colours and bold prints.

The interiors are inspired by 1970s radical architecture, with geometric patterns created through stoneware floors and furniture against natural Brenta lime walls, while the carpet and tiles evoke the spirit of those years. 

The flagship store combines design and nature through a vertical green wall that joins the two floors of the boutique. Alongside this unique detail, the store is decorated with lifestyle and design elements, the results of the brand’s partnerships with Paola C. – a Made-in-Italy company of furnishing accessories standing out for their bold but refined simplicity – and Tonatto – a Turin-based company that makes high-end perfumes according to ancient perfumery methods. 

The second floor will be entirely dedicated to collaborations with other brands from different categories and strategic activities to support the PLISSE’ company with the aim of increasing brand awareness in the Italian market through media initiatives, events and engagement activities.




BEATRICE .b celebrates the beauty and strength of Milan with a capsule collection, specially designed for the opening of its new Boutique on 6, Corso Venezia.

The project stems from the experience of Venetian craftsmen and the creativity of the BEATRICE .b team, who partnered to develop a new handmade soleil pleating technique, inspired by the beautiful Gothic spires of the Milan cathedral. This pleating style is one of the many creations that reveal the brand’s great potential as a “Made in Italy” label, an all-time symbol of Italian style and quality. This technique is at the heart of the capsule collection, resulting in removable pleated panels that can be added to various garments and have the power to transform them: from pencil skirt to shirts, cargo pants and coats, these panels add a dynamic, three-dimensional feel.

The idea behind this Limited Edition is to provide functional clothes with a double soul, designed to express the speed of change and the modernity of Milan and the women who live in the city.